Investment Portfolio

Venture Management, LLC (“VMLLC”) currently has 20 active investments. Choose a category tab below for details.

  • Carson Life is an all-natural health and beauty products company focused on the Hispanic market. Carson Life’s products include offerings in the hair care, weight loss, skin care, vitamins and rejuvenation categories. Carson Life has exclusive endorsement deals with well-known celebrities in the Hispanic market. Carson Life products are currently sold online and through retailers such as Walmart and Walgreens.
  • FluGen logoFluGen is the emerging leader in the fusion of intradermal delivery and next generation influenza vaccine biology and creation.  The Company’s new RedeeFlu® vaccine, in testing now, holds great promise as the first effective multistrain broad spectrum influenza vaccine.
  • healthmyne_logo_horizHealthMyne provides radiologists and oncology clinicians with an Imaging Informatics platform that brings together imaging and electronic health record (EHR) information for use in evidence-based analytics and decision support. At the heart of the system is a powerful image analysis engine that generates information such as tumor size, Lung-RADS categories for use in lung cancer screening, and other advanced quantitative metrics derived from the imaging study. HealthMyne’s display technology transforms workflow that is purely case-focused into one that is also correlative and evidence-based through convenient comparison of relevant findings.
  • invenra

    Invenra’s proprietary technology combines the cell-free expression of full-length antibodies with extreme miniaturization.  For the first time, all potential antibodies of interest in a library can be screened for biological activity and other desirable traits. Invenra’s screening platform will produce the broadest collection of epitope coverage possible.  Co-optimization of affinity with biological activity will result in the highest caliber lead therapeutic compounds.

  • MVIlogoMVI is developing a pipeline of proprietary plasmid DNA vaccines designed to prevent bone metastases and associated morbidities for patients with prostate cancer.
  • Sitka Salmon LogoSitka Salmon Shares is a completely integrated boat-to-doorstep seafood company. The Company has a lovable group of fishermen-owners who catch and deliver premium Alaskan fish. Sitka Salmon has a small processing plant in Sitka, Alaska, where it custom-processes the catch with a laser focus on quality and traceability. Blast frozen fish is then shipped to two Good-Fish Hubs in the Midwest, allowing the Company to deliver the catch directly to your doorstep (or to a local farmers market or restaurant).
  • Swallow Solutions logoSwallow Solutions is dedicated to individuals suffering from swallowing disorders, generally known as dysphagia. The Company focus is on two areas related to dysphagia – therapeutic devices for diagnosing and treating swallowing disorders (through measurement and biofeedback which can strengthen the swallowing reflex) as well as nutritional food products which can be tailored to the patient’s diagnosed level of swallowing difficulty.
  • Zurex Pharma logoZurex Pharma, Inc. is a specialty medical technology company with a proprietary and novel antimicrobial technology platform. The company’s mission is to develop and commercialize a portfolio of these new antimicrobial products, which are designed to prevent healthcare acquired infections with a focus on surgical site wounds and catheter-related infections.
  • bioionix200BioIonix, Inc. manufacturers a breakthrough process that solves many of the liquid stream disinfection challenges faced by food processors and other large industrial water users worldwide. The BioIonix process can be applied to many disinfection and water reuse applications. Click their logo to show some applications currently being commercialized.
  • chromatinChromatin’s patented mini-chromosome technologies enable the development of new seed products and the delivery of multiple genetic traits. Chromatin is unlocking the potential of plants to produce greater value and meaningful products for consumers, growers, seed producers, processors and the bioenergy market. Chromatin’s bioengineered sorghum crops are used for biomass feedstock, and the company has numerous other markets addressable by its proprietary products.
  • logo-3SimpleMachines, Inc. is a stealth-mode startup based in Madison, WI building next-generation semiconductor chips targeted at datacenters and future Edge Computing deployment. The company’s vision is to “Build Hardware Like Software”. SMI has developed a disruptive technology that distills down to the minimum what is required to build a chip whose functions can be dynamically changed.   This enables all the efficiencies of a customized chip, while offering all the advantages and simplicity of being configurable by software.
  • unnamedKiio Inc. provides automation solutions for the physical and occupational therapy market. Kiio’s integrated platform includes clinical software, a library of animated, fully customizable Home Exercise Programs, a mobile patient engagement application, and a patented wireless force sensor that provides precise, objective muscle performance data. The platform benefits patients by increasing comprehension, satisfaction and adherence, shortening courses of care, and improving outcomes. Providers benefit through automated objective documentation, efficiency gains, and evidence-based care. Payers benefit by mitigating risk, as well as through shortened courses of care, improved population health, and access to a database linking diagnoses, treatments, and results.
  • npointnPoint designs and manufactures piezo stages, nanopositioners, and nanopositioning systems for nano-scale research and industry.
  • ParqEx_LogoAndTag_GrayBackgroundParqEx is the Private Parking Marketplace that connects owners of underutilized parking spots to people in need of a place to park. Using ParqEx local residents, businesses, and real estate companies are able to monetize their idle assets while renters find more convenient and less expensive parking options.  ParqEx Access+ provides additional value by allowing control of garage doors and gates through the app.  Behind it all, the ParqEx support team ensures that the entire process of listing, reserving, parking, and paying is smooth for all involved.  Learn more at or download the app for free at the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.
  • phoenixPhoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) has developed a proprietary particle accelerator-driven nuclear fusion technology that has applications ranging from medicine to national defense. In cooperation with Shine Medical Technologies, PNL will supply very high output neutron generators for Shine’s production of Moly-99 and other medical isotopes used in imaging and therapy.
  • silatronixSilatronix is commercializing a new class of patented materials based on organosilicon (OS) compounds for use in energy storage devices, especially electrolytes for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. OS compounds are environmentally friendly, non-flammable, high temperature materials suited for use as electrolytes, binders, and coatings in energy storage devices. The Company expects its electrolytes to help reduce flammability and heat impacts in Li-ion batteries, making them much safer to use in practical applications such as aircraft and electric vehicles.
  • meihui Meihui Software is developing a nationwide vehicle traffic management business in China. The business, co-founded by two Madison PhDs of Chinese descent, is built on their proprietary, patented technology, a lifetime of experience in the international traffic data industry, and personal and intimate knowledge of China’s unique traffic challenges and opportunities. Meihui Software’s long-term objective is to develop a China-wide traffic data business, and the Company already has significant commercial contracts in many Chinese cities and provinces.
  • optimine Focusing first on paid search advertising, OptiMine employs its proprietary predictive analytics at the “atomic” (individual bid) level to automatically set the best bids—what Google itself suggests is the key to paid search ROI—to generate superior financial results for advertisers.
  • solomoSoLoMo Technology provides an identity management platform for use with mobile applications and social communities and provides an identity management platform for managing an individual’s different roles in life and the associated information with each of these roles.
  •   MyAlerts will monitor sites, pages and searches, and alert users when or if they meet a user’s MyAlerts criteria – which will keep users on top of purchase events and save money.  MyAlerts monitors websites using a single alerting platform so users don’t have to setup and manage accounts with dozens of sites, and provides users with email updates on specific products/sales, effectively creating a personal/private and real-time newsletter for the exact online items that users want to monitor.

VMLLC has successfully exited a number of investments, including:

  • NeuWave Medical
  • Berbee Information Systems
  • Promega
  • Jellyfish
  • Gander Mountain
  • TomoTherapy
  • Ultravisual
  • TermSync
  • Celleration
  • Lucigen